Fiber Kaplama DC-110

Fiber Kaplamalı Çelik Kapı Modeli DC-110

16,524.75 ₺ 16524.75 TRY 16,524.75 ₺


    This combination does not exist.

    It is produced from completely natural materials and is environment, nature and human friendly.

    It is not affected by water. It can be used safely in humid climates

    It is resistant to impact and impact

    It has good sound and heat insulation properties

    Resistant to animal wastes and chemicals

    It does not contain asbestos or any harmful substance to human health.

    Gives a warm wood texture to the door wood with different patterns

    A1 class fireproof according to EN 13501-1

    Can be easily processed with suitable tools

    Can be easily installed

    During a possible fire, there is no harmful gas emission to human and environment.

    It is very resistant to atmospheric conditions. Not affected by ultraviolet rays

    It does not rot and has a long life. Does not require special care